Drilling Engineering & Supervision

Well Engineering, Construction, and Maintenance

Geothermal Resource Group provides geothermal well design and drilling engineering services including casing design, workover design, rig and equipment selection, detailed drilling procedures and permit preparation, and operations execution. GRG drilling engineers design and drill wells to be mechanically sound, meeting the project needs, reducing drilling risk, and including analysis of available data to determine the most efficient drilling practices and development of less expensive, more efficient drilling techniques. We specialize in core and slim wells, EGS projects, and commercial high temperature / hard rock wellbores, corrosive environments, and low pressure well operations.

Well Construction

Geothermal Reosurce group engineering team organizes and manages the onsite management and supervision of well operations and engineering over-sight of operations. We excel in pre-drilling services such as rig selection, equipment selection, services and vendor selection as well as operations oversight, review and reporting throughout the drilling operations process including review of ongoing operations and daily reports with management.

Our on-site supervision team provides recommendations and oversight of operations for domestic and internatonal drilling programs and coordinates service companies and drilling-related logistics. We work with service companies and management to determine the most appropriate course of action throughout the well execution and workover process. Our teams continously reports to regulatory and agency filings services, fulfilling permit applications and specific reporting reporting requirements, from initial planning throughlessons learned cataloging and submission of well completion reports and lookback analysis.

Our on-site and office based drilling personnel provides recommendations to management concerning drilling engineering decisions; balancing all drilling variables while using available equipment in the most efficient manner to minimize time and costs.

Well Planning

Our team of geologists and engineers offer a complete range of geothermal well design services including site selection, preparation of permits, writing of drilling specifications, design of casing, cementing, drilling fluids, directional drilling, logging program, drill well on paper meetings, and drilling hazards risk analysis and assesment.

Well Maintenance and Problem Well Intervention

Production and injection wells occasionally require major repairs or modifications for the purpose of restoring, prolonging, or enhancing flow capacity. Well workovers can include work such as problem well intervention, liner and casing repair, fishing, recompletions, mechanical integrity tests (MIT), and reservoir stimulation. Our engineeering and onsite supervision personnel provides the same quality service to well maintenenca and repair operations.

Unconventional Operations

For over 20 years, we have been helping our clients deal with the most challenging and costly problems that accompany geothermal drilling, workovers, and well field maintenance. We are world-renowned specialists

  • Problem well intervention
  • Lost circulation and stuck pipe management
  • Geothermal specific drilling hazards
  • Under-balanced drilling
  • Over-pressured formations
  • Ultra-high-temperature casing and well design
  • Corrosion resistant alloy casing design and implementation
  • Foam and reverse circulation cementing
  • Forked-hole completions
  • EGS well design and drilling