Meet The Team

  • William M. “Bill” Rickard
  • President
Bill Rickard is president of Geothermal Resource Group, Inc. (GRG). GRG is a geothermal resource development services company providing comprehensive geothermal consulting services, from resource exploration to development planning and project management. GRG provides complete, cost-effective solutions for geothermal resource geoscience and engineering. GRG has an established record of reducing costs through innovative engineering, planning, and analysis. Our hands-on team of geothermal experts average over twenty-five years of geothermal experience per professional, in twenty-four countries, on six continents, and at more than eighty geothermal fields worldwide. Our experience includes early exploration in remote locations requiring complex logistics (e.g., Aleutian Islands, Dominica, Azores), in extremely harsh environments, including field activities at high elevation in the South American Andes (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia) to the extreme high temperatures in Imperial Valley, California, in developing countries with limited resources (e.g., Zambia, Rwanda), and geothermal fields across the western United States and Latin America, including Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua. GRG provides innovative solutions to enhance and promote development of geothermal resources in Latin America. We have extensive knowledge in geothermal exploration, well design, drilling, and resource evaluation. We are widely recognized as the leading resource experts throughout the geothermal industry and can assist with the planning, development, optimization, and management of resources for a successful geothermal endeavor. GRG has a successful track record of promoting and furthering the development of geothermal projects around the world. Bill has been involved in the geothermal industry for over 35 years. Prior to starting his own company, Bill worked almost 15 years for Unocal Geothermal where he started as a field engineer and then became district drilling manager and division drilling training coordinator. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech and has published many technical papers. Bill is a registered Professional Engineer and is serving on the Geothermal Resources Council Board of Directors and the Gepothermal Energy Association Board of Directors. He is also a member of the American Association of Drilling Engineers and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.
  • Dennis Kaspereit
  • Vice President
Dennis Kaspereit, Vice President for the Geothermal Resource Group, has twenty-nine years of experience in the geothermal industry, with an additional 13 years in the oil and gas industry prior to geothermal. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1976 from the University of Southern California. Mr. Kaspereit has extensive experience throughout the U.S., Nicaragua, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, the Caribbean, and Kenya. Prior to working for GRG, Dennis ran the combined resource, drilling, and exploration departments for operators Terra-Gen Power & CalEnergy. In these positions he had the full responsibility of running the well fields at Coso, Salton Sea, Dixie Valley, Roosevelt, Beowawe, & Desert Peak as well as developing several dozen green field exploration prospects. He specializes in reservoir engineering and resource management, including all phases to investigate issues with the field or wells, and the work overs, stimulations, drilling, or other work needed to increase, maintain, or remediate production or injection, as well as exploration and expansion. He is well versed in reservoir simulation (Tough2 & Tetrad) and wellbore simulation to access geothermal reservoirs, make forecasts, and optimize production an injection (including augmentation) for the proper economic strategy for fields and wells. This also includes working on the financial side, including working with banks on financing of the projects and acquisitions. Dennis is also a member of the GRC Board of Directors.
  • Mary Mann
  • Project Geologist
Mary Mann is a Professional Geologist specializing in geothermal energy. She has experience in all stages of geothermal energy development, from greenfield exploration program design and field work, thermal gradient, slim well, and production/injection well drilling, targeting, well site geology, and drilling project planning. Prior to GRG, she was the Resource Manager for a geothermal operating company playing a key role in exploration program planning, conceptual model building, well targeting, resource monitoring and compliance, and drilling project management. Before that, she gained experience with collection and interpretation of geophysical data including EM and potential fields data while working for a geophysical consulting firm. Mary is a graduate of University of Nevada, Reno, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. She has a background in hydrology, including research as a Fulbright Scholar studying water quality and domestic water well siting to benefit rural populations in Niger.
  • Ozgur Balamir
  • Senior Project Engineer
Ozgur Balamir is a Drilling Engineer with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. He has worked in Middle East, Africa, South and North Americas, and South East Asia. He is a fluently bilingual engineer and a member of the Geothermal Resource Council and the Geothermal Energy Association. Prior to coming to GRG, Ozgur worked for a large development and exploration company as a Drilling Engineer and a Field Supervisor developing the largest (80 MW) geothermal power plant in Turkey. He also worked as a field engineer and supervisor developing coal bed methane fields throughout the northwest coast of Turkey and in natural gas exploration projects on offshore platforms in the western Black Sea. Ozgur is also a member of SPE and AADE and has a valid IADC WellCap well control and IADC Worksafe safety certificates.
  • Dr. Subir K. Sanyal
  • Senior Technical Advisor
Dr. Subir K. Sanyal, Senior Technical Advisor, Geothermal Resource Group, Inc. Dr. Sanyal has worked as a reservoir engineer since 1969. His expertise includes project financing and management, economic analysis, property appraisals, reservoir engineering, numerical simulation and training of reservoir engineers. Dr. Sanyal joined Geothermal Resource Group in 2015 as Senior Technical Advisor. He has managed geothermal projects in the United States, The Philippines, Japan, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Turkey, Italy and elsewhere. Dr. Sanyal has served as an expert witness in numerous trials and international arbitration proceedings involving geothermal resources. He has conducted technology transfer programs in Japan, Greece, Bolivia, Indonesia, Brazil and The Philippines, and has evaluated geothermal fields in more than two dozen countries. Dr. Sanyal has also assisted clients in geothermal power sales and steam sales contract negotiations, and market studies, and provided advice and due diligence for project financing in numerous countries. To date, this has enabled the generation of more than 7,000 MW of geothermal power; the total financed being more than US $12,000,000,000. Dr. Sanyal has a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University, and a Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Birmingham (England). He has served for many years on the Board of Directors of the Geothermal Resources Council, Geothermal Energy Association and International Geothermal Association. He is the author or co-author of more than 100 technical publications. Before joining Geothermal Resource Group in 2015, Dr. Sanyal was a Consulting Professor and Manager of the Petroleum Research Institute at Stanford University, Vice President of Geonomics, Inc., and Senior Staff Specialist for the United States Geological Survey, Consulting Engineer for Scientific Software Corporation and a Senior Petroleum Engineer for Chevron-Texaco.